What we do

Project finance

Pareto Securities’ Project Finance division is a leading player in project finance and investment banking within real estate, shipping, offshore and renewables. Our services span the entire range from the establishment and management of individual real estate or shipping/offshore projects to arrangement and advisory of complex projects and corporate finance transactions.

Real estate

Pareto Securities has a long and strong track record within real estate project finance and investment banking, and is active in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. We raise capital and arrange debt financing for individual real estate projects, as well as arrange complex real estate transactions and club deals. We also act as advisors in corporate finance transactions like mergers, acquisitions, equity issues and block sales. Over the last 5 years, Pareto has carried out real estate transaction with a total gross real estate value of approx. NOK 85 billion.

Shipping and Offshore

Pareto Securities Project Finance is the largest arranger of direct investments in shipping, renewables and offshore in the Nordics. We work with investors and shipowners world-wide, often structured as sale-leaseback deals or more opportunistic asset plays. Our investors see the benefit of direct ownership in assets, and span from industry professionals to large family offices, high net worth individuals and specialised funds. Over the last 5 years, we have arranged projects with a total gross value of approx. NOK 40 billion.

Business Management

Pareto Business Management manage both real estate and shipping/offshore projects arranged by Pareto, for the entire duration of the project from acquisition to divestment. Services include, inter alia, financial management, contract management, maintenance/technical management and investor relations. Pareto Business Management also handles potential contract extensions, tenant adjustments, building projects, and other commercial management. The real estate portfolio currently comprises approx. 75 projects, with a total gross real estate value of approx. NOK 40 billion, while the shipping portfolio currently comprises approx. 28 projects with a total gross value of approx. NOK 8 billion.

Maritime Manager / Advisor

Pareto Maritime Services act as technical and commercial maritime advisor to shipping/offshore projects arranged by Pareto, as well for third party clients. Services include follow up technical manager and charterer, arrange inspections, chartering, insurance and reporting to investors. 

Project Sales

Pareto has a sales desk dedicated to trading shares in our projects, thus maintaining liquidity for investors. Project Sales trades a significant equity volume of approx. NOK 550 - 660 million annually.

What we do