Our firm

Who we are

Pareto Securities aims to be the preferred Nordic supplier of financial services, providing sound financing solutions and attractive investment opportunities for companies and investors.

We were established in 1986 as an independent partnership focusing on Nordic industries and enterprises. Pareto Securities is founded on deep industry knowledge and a global investor network built over more than three decades. From our Nordic base, we have built our global presence step-by-step, fueled by transformational acquisitions of Öhman Fondkommission (Sweden/ Finland), Nordic Partners (US) and Equinet Bank (Germany).

Our independence enables us to focus on one thing - always providing our clients with the best available financing solutions in the market. We conduct more than 200 capital market transactions yearly, meaning we always have a deal in the market. This gives us a unique basis for advising our clients on what is possible to achieve and what is not.

We continuously strive to build and maintain trust among our clients and investors by providing innovative, creative and different financing solutions and investment opportunities. We have an honest, hands-on, can-do and never-give-up approach and believe in hard work, focus and long-term commitment.

Pareto Securities currently employs some 460 high-calibre people located in 12 offices in the Nordics, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the US, Singapore and Australia, with a presence in key global financial markets. Pareto Securities is part of the Pareto Group, which includes Pareto Asset Management and Pareto Bank, among others.