Events and conferences

An important aspect of our research work is arranging seminars and events for our clients within our core sectors. Here you will find a list of historical and future conferences and events. Registered clients may go to online.paretosec.com for information about our events. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Upcoming events

January 21 2021 | Oslo, final format and venue to be announced at a later stage

Pareto Securities' Power & Renewable Energy Conference

We are looking forward to hosting our 23rd annual Power and Renewable Energy Conference.

The conference attracts local and international players, from all spectrums of the industry as well as from the investor side. Around 450 delegates visited our 2020 conference, highlighting the event’s leading position within the sector.

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March 18 2021 | Stockholm / virtual

Pareto Securities' Nordic Corporate Bond Conference

On Thursday 18th March 2021, Pareto Securities will host the tenth Nordic Corporate Bond Conference.

The conference is the largest of its kind in Scandinavia, attracting more than 500 participants and 55+ presenting companies. The purpose of the conference is to raise awareness of Nordic corporate bonds, both as a source of funding as well as an investment class, and the agenda will comprise of presentations both by existing Nordic bond issuers as well as by other market participants.

Pareto Securities is the leading Nordic arranger of high-yield corporate bonds, having participated as bookrunner on ~35% of all primary issuance (SEK 57bn) in the Nordic high yield bond market since 2018.

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Past events


December 3 2020 | Stockholm / virtual

Pareto Securities’ Nordic TechSaaS Conference

On Thursday 3rd December 2020, we will host our virtual Nordic TechSaaS Conference. The conference is a venue which provides exciting Nordic SaaS companies with the opportunity to showcase their company to leading international investors.

Nordic SaaS companies are experiencing tremendous growth as adoption to SaaS like offering is prevailing. The Nordics offer a unique platform for many SaaS companies to bloom. The immense growth coupled with high gross margin has attracted investor interest in the last years. We have selected some leading Nordic SaaS players to showcase its potential to disrupt the market.  

The conference will be a full day event with virtual company presentations.

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Please note: you must be a registered client to attend.


November 12 2020 | Oslo / Virtual

Pareto Securities' TechSaaS Conference

As technology and software companies are making an increasingly larger impact on the Nordic financial markets, we are pleased to invite to our first annual TechSaaS conference. Our speaker list includes listed companies Pexip, Kahoot and Mercell, as well as unlisted, fast-growing companies such as Cognite.

The conference will increase investor awareness of the ever-increasing opportunities within the sector and bridge the gap between investors and earlier phase companies. The seminar will be an afternoon event with virtual company presentations from our offices in Oslo.

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November 11 2020 | Stockholm / Virtual

Pareto Securities’ iGaming Seminar

The fourth annual iGaming seminar will take place on the 11th of November, 2020. The purpose of the seminar is to raise awareness among Swedish and international investors of the many opportunities found in the fast-growing iGaming sector, including casino and sports book operators as well as sub suppliers.

The seminar will be a full day event with virtual company presentations, and investors will be introduced to a number of the success stories of iGaming companies in the Nordics, but also growth opportunities that are arising globally.


October 15 2020 | Virtual seminar

Oslo Børs and Pareto Securities' Cleantech Seminar

Both Oslo Børs and Pareto Securities have a strong energy focus, and a focus on being an active contributor to the energy transition. We want to establish a meeting place between clean tech companies seeking financing for their development and investors who want to invest in companies in the clean tech sector.

The seminar will be focused on cleantech companies that are potential candidates for listing over the next 12-24 months.

We welcome you to a day of market updates and company presentations.


October 7 2020 | Stockholm / Virtual

Pareto Securities’ Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Conference

This conference will be a full-day event with presentations by Scandinavian companies within the rapidly growing Renewable Energy and Clean Tech sectors.

Many of the companies presenting at the conference are world leading technology providers within the respective sectors. Represented sectors are: Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Zero Emission Transportation, Waste-to-Energy and Recycling. The purpose is to increase general awareness of these sectors among investors as well as present specific investment opportunities.

Make sure to register to the virtual conference in order to have the opportunity to listen to exciting companies like Azelio, Climeon, Minesto, NEL and Powercell, among others.


September 16 2020 – September 17 2020 | Oslo

Pareto Securities’ 27th Energy Conference

With over 100 presenting companies and some 1,500 investors and industry professionals attending, it is the largest oil, offshore and energy investor conference in Europe.

Participating companies represent the full breadth of the energy space from the traditional oil & gas value chain to wind power and energy transportation.

Last year, the combined market cap of presenting companies topped USD 150bn. We aim to continue to develop the conference in line with changes in the industry landscape.


September 2 2020 – September 3 2020 | Stockholm / Online

Pareto Securities’ 11th annual Healthcare Conference

On 2-3 September 2020, Pareto Securities will host a virtual Healthcare Conference. You will have the opportunity to listen to a range of companies within Pharma, Biotech, Medtech and Healthcare Services.


June 30 2020 – July 2 2020 | Frankfurt

Equity Forum

Pareto Securities is a sponsor of the Equity Forum Frankfurt. This bi-annual event provides a neutral communication platform where corporate representatives compare notes with investors, analysts, financial journalists, intermediaries and financial industry experts. The platform offers a wide range of networking opportunities and the chance to cultivate existing business contacts and establish new ones.


March 3 2020 – March 5 2020 | Bergen

North Atlantic Seafood Forum


March 3 2020 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities’ 4th Annual Gaming Seminar


February 22 2020 | London

Pareto Securities’ annual E&P Independents Conference


January 16 2020 | Oslo

Pareto Securities’ Power & Renewable Energy Conference



November 11 2019 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities’ 3rd Annual iGaming Seminar


October 22 2019 | Frankfurt

Pareto Securities’ Nordic Bond Day


October 3 2019 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities’ Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Conference


September 11 2019 – September 12 2019 | Oslo

Pareto Securities’ 26th Oil and Offshore Conference


September 5 2019 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities' 10th annual Health Care Conference


June 20 2019 | Houston

Shale and Finance Conference


May 28 2019 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities' Metals & Mining Seminar


May 23 2019 | New York

Seafood Investor Forum


May 23 2019 | Copenhagen

Pareto Securities' Inaugural Danish Corporate Bond Conference


April 2 2019 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities' Property Developer Seminar


March 21 2019 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities' annual Nordic Corporate Bond Conference


March 5 2019 – March 7 2019 | Bergen

North Atlantic Seafood Forum


March 5 2019 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities Gaming Seminar


January 17 2019 | Oslo

Pareto Securities’ Power & Renewable Energy Conference


January 16 2019 |

Pareto Securities’ E&P Indeendent Conference



November 28 2018 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities’ iGaming Seminar


November 14 2018 | New York

19th Annual Marine Money Ship Finance Forum


September 12 2018 – September 13 2018 | Oslo

Pareto Securities’ 25th Oil and Offshore Conference


September 6 2018 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities’ Health Care Conference


June 7 2018 | Zürich

Pareto Securities’ High Yield & Investment Seminar


May 23 2018 | New York

Seafood Investor Forum


April 24 2018 – April 26 2018 | Brussels

Seafood Expo Global


April 23 2018 | Frankfurt

Pareto Securities' HY Seminar


April 10 2018 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities' Property Developer Seminar


March 15 2018 | London

Pareto Securities’ annual E&P Independents Conference


March 7 2018 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities’ 7th Annual Nordic Corporate Bond Conference


March 6 2018 – March 8 2018 | Bergen

North Atlantic Seafood Forum


February 28 2018 | Zürich

Pareto Securities’ High Yield Seminar


February 22 2018 | Stockholm

Pareto Securities’ Gaming Seminar


February 14 2018 | Oslo

Pareto Securities Project Finance Market Seminar - Real Estate, Shipping and Offshore


January 11 2018 | Oslo

Pareto Securities’ Power & Renewable Energy Conference