August 5 2021

Viktor Hovland pays a visit to the Pareto office in Oslo

Employees of Pareto Securities in Oslo were graced this summer with an impromptu visit from the recent 10th best ranked professional golfer in the world and Pareto partner, Viktor Hovland. See more from his visit and listen to the podcast (in Norwegian) further down in this article. 

Director at Investment Banking, Christian Moxon and CEO of Pareto Securities, Christian Jomaas, tells more about the Pareto business to Viktor Hovland.

The enthusiasm was mutual as Viktor got to know the Pareto business and employees more in-depth, at the same time as many got to meet and talk to the attentive and cheerful golfer. While most of the Pareto employees worked from home, a few lucky ones were surprised by the spontaneous visit from the golf star. 

Following a tour of the offices, Viktor recorded a podcast episode with our Director at Investment Banking, Christian Moxon. There are many resemblances that can be drawn between golf and finance, and the need to manoeuvre an everchanging competitive landscape is one of them. Being one of the top ranked Nordic players, the first Norwegian to win both the PGA Tour and the European Tour, the professional golfer talked more about how the small things matter, and that competitive advantage often can be found in focusing on the long drivers that are supported by continuous small changes. His interest in statistics, but also physical and mental health are perhaps a few ingredients to his success. Listen to the episode in Norwegian here: 

After a two-week long visit back home in Norway, Viktor was off to the U.K. to compete in the British Open, then to represent Norway in the Tokyo Olympics before returning to the U.S., where he currently lives, to finish the ongoing PGA Tour. Busy schedule as expected when being one of the top 10 players in the world!