April 11 2022

Takeaways from Pareto Securities' Gaming Seminar 2022

Pareto Securities' annual Gaming Seminar was held on the 7th of April, 2022 at GT30 in Stockholm. Learn more about the key takeways from the seminar. 

Opportunities in gaming

2021 was a challenging year for many European gaming companies in terms of stock price performance. Many of the companies were down more than 20% during the year, some based on weaker performance, while others were down based on tough comps from 2020 or for other reasons. Looking ahead, though, fundamentals are promising for gaming companies as the global gaming market continues growing driven by factors such as an increasing number of gamers globally, increasing smartphone penetration and greater internet access.

Overall, companies presenting at the Gaming Seminar seemed to have solid plans for how to achieve growth in the coming years and seemed confident in their abilities to execute these plans.

So far in 2022, gaming companies’ stock prices have continued performing poorly, creating somewhat a discrepancy between their fundamental growth outlooks and valuations. This could prove an interesting opportunity for investors to invest in the sector.

Did you miss the seminar?

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