April 21 2021

Summary from Pareto Securities’ TechITService Conference

On April 20th 2021, Pareto Securities hosted the first TechIT conference live from the Frankfurt office. More than 40 speakers and corporates presented, the latter representing roughly one fourth of the sector market capitalization in their respective countries. In addition, industry experts have discussed current “hot” topics shaping the IT industry. More than 750 participants have joined the virtual conference, which is an impressive outcome for a first-time event.


Pareto Securities hosted the first TechIT conference live from the Frankfurt office yesterday. 40+ corporates and speakers from the Nordics and the DACH region presented on two streams, making the event instantly one of the largest sector conferences in Germany and Scandinavia. Many presentations were given as “live-stream”, allowing investors to directly submit questions to the management. Besides the corporate presentations, the German bellwether company SAP discussed with us the impact of its revised strategy (“Rise with SAP”) on their partner business in Germany. In addition, industry experts exchanged their views on current “hot” topics shaping the IT industry such as GAIA X, IT Security, decarbonisation of the public transport sector and cryptocurrencies.
The megatrend digitalization has received a further boost from the current COVID-19 pandemic. The Software and IT Service industry is not only exhibiting above average growth rates and profitability, it also features a positive ESG profile, because the creativity of employees is the main resource for most IT products and services. Moreover, IT plays a crucial role in meeting the challenges of our time, such as the shift of many jobs to home offices last year, which would not have been possible without innovative IT solutions. Accordingly, the share price performance of many Software and IT Service companies has again beaten the broader stock market in 2020 and 2021. In addition, we have seen a lively IPO activity in Scandinavia from the second half of 2020 until recently, which shows that investors continue to support innovative young technology companies.

To access the presentations please use this link.