October 15 2021

Summary from Pareto Securities’ Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Conference

Pareto Securities hosted its 3rd annual Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Conference on 13 October. 30 companies presented over two virtual streams broadcasted from our Stockholm office, with over 500 investors and industry professionals participating.


The conference was opened by Pareto Securities representatives Thomas Ranje, Head of Clean Tech in Corporate Finance, and Johan Spetz, co-Head of Equity Research Sweden, who set the stage by stating that energy transition is well under way, but much more needs to be done. In particular, we need to scale up new reliable renewable energy sources (such as tidal & ocean current, wave and geothermal) as well as large-scale energy storage (such as battery, hydrogen, thermal) to complement onshore wind and solar for system stability, and further increase the share of renewables in the energy mix. In addition, we need to increase our focus on recycling and circular solutions to make better use of the planet’s limited resources.

The conference lineup was therefore geared towards new technologies to complement more established renewables such as onshore wind and solar. We also welcomed several consumer-facing companies pioneering electrification in their respective field. In total, we hosted 17 live company presentations with Q&A in our studio in Stockholm, and 13 pre-recorded presentations in a second stream. The lineup included companies in various stage of maturity: some well-established, some close to commercial take-off, and some which are earlier-stage unlisted companies. We were very happy to see a good mix of Swedish, Norwegian and International companies presenting.

All presentations remain available for streaming for conference participants and Pareto clients for another three weeks through our conference website. To access the presentations, please use this link.