January 21 2021

Summary from Pareto Securities’ Power & Renewable Energy Conference

Today, January 21th, 2021, Pareto Securities hosted its 23rd Power and Renewable Energy Conference in Oslo. The conference was fully virtual, and the attendance was record high both in terms of presenting companies and attending participants, which counted 50 and more than 2,200  respectively.


Pareto Securities were proud to have 50 Nordic power and renewable energy companies presenting in a condensed and effective full day program. Out of the 50 companies, 28 is publicly traded, and listed mainly in Oslo, but also in Stockholm, Frankfurt, Madrid and other European stock exchanges. These publicly traded companies increased their share value by 147% on average during 2020, and this upward facing trend has continued into 2021.

The conference was kicked off by an introduction by Pareto Securities’ CEO Christian Jomaas, followed by had a virtual roundtable discussion “How to decarbonize the economy?”, moderated by Director of Power and Renewable Energy at Pareto Securities, Lars Ove Skorpen. Insights on the future solutions to climate change were provided by the industry leaders Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, CEO of Statkraft, Valborg Lundegaard, CEO of Aker Carbon Capture and Kjetil Bøhn, CEO of Quantafuel.

They highlighted that the power generators need to continue R&D to improve efficiency and focus on solving the challenges related to variable renewable energy sources. ¾ of all CO2 emissions stems from burning of fossil fuels, and power generators must shift from fossil to renewable energy. Secondly, for hard to abate sectors, carbon capture will be a prerequisite for decarbonization. Lastly, they currently see a tremendous focus on circular economy, which will play a major role in decarbonizing the economy. Waste that previously were considered non-recyclable, like for instance hard plastic waste, can be turned into renewable fuel through pyrolysis.

After the panel discussion followed a strong run of presenting companies ranging from industry majors to stock rockets. Equinor and Statkraft addressed “Development of high value renewables business” and “A new push for green growth” respectively. There were many newcomers amongst the presenters, of which quite a few was listed just recently, like Everfuel and Zaptec, which have enjoyed an increase in share value of 570% and 425% since October 2020.

At the end of the day, after over 50 presentations from the Nordic Power and Renewable Space, it is clear that the Nordics has led the way on decarbonization, in terms of high carbon prices and pioneering regulatory measures. The whole world is looking towards the Nordics, and institutional investors from continental Europe have turned their eyes towards the Nordic capital markets, like never before. There are attractive opportunities for investors both in listed companies and in supporting emerging private companies.

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