May 8 2023

Pareto Securities publishes Sustainability Report for 2022

Pareto Securities has published its annual Sustainability Report for 2022. The report includes relevant information about our approach to sustainability, our work, and our focus areas within Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Our approach to sustainability

For Pareto Securities, sustainable business is about combining financial solutions with environmental and social responsibility and sound governance practices.

As a full-service investment bank with global placing power, we acknowledge that we must steadily change and improve how we work to perform in line with our core values: trust and quality.

Christian Jomaas, CEO of Pareto Securities

As a part of the financial industry, we recognise our responsibility to create lasting value for our stakeholders and contribute to sustainable development and the transition towards a more sustainable society. We are committed to playing our part and accelerating our actions to contribute to realising the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability Report 2022 - Pareto Securities Group

With our Sustainability Report for 2022, we present our activities within ESG, including our role as a driving force in the energy transition and how we work to conduct our business responsibly, ethically, and lawfully.

The report covers Pareto Securities AS and its subsidiaries.

Read the Sustainability Report 2022

Other relevant principles and policies

Read more about our Diversity & Inclusion Policy, Ethical Principles, Sustainability Policy, Human Rights Policy, and Anti-corruption Policy on our sustainability page.