June 15 2021

Pareto Securities’ Norwegian Savings Bank seminar

On Thursday 17 June, Pareto Securities is organizing its first seminar for the savings bank sector. The seminar aims to present Norwegian savings banks to the international audience. Pareto believes that the Norwegian savings bank sector represents attractive investment opportunities for international investors, and we would like to contribute to an increased understanding of the sector dynamics and the offerings of the various banks. 

The savings bank sector in Norway is behind twelve strong months. The equity index on the Oslo Stock Exchange, which follows the equity certificates of Norwegian savings banks, is up almost 50 per cent in the last year. The sector is known for its good dividends, high capitalization and relatively low risk.

To increase the attention among both Norwegian and international investors, we are arranging a separate savings bank seminar on 17 June. The seminar and company presentations will be held in English.

During the day, you will get an overview of the sector, and a number of the largest and most liquid savings banks listed in Norway will present.

Nine Norwegian savings banks with listed shares or equity certificates present at the seminar:

Sparebanken Sør
Sparebanken Vest
SpareBank 1 Østlandet
SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge
SpareBank 1 SMN
SpareBank 1 SR-Bank
Sparebanken Møre
Sandnes Sparebank
Sparebanken Øst

Read more about the conference and how to register here.