September 6 2021

Pareto Securities’ 28th Annual Energy Conference

On Wednesday and Thursday 15-16 September we are hosting our 28th Energy Conference in Oslo. This is the largest energy conference of its kind in Europe with an all-time high of more than 140 companies lined up to present this year. Investors can attend the event both physically or virtually through our live-streams.  

The participating companies represent the full breadth of the energy industry – from the traditional Oil and Gas companies to renewable energy developers and producers. The complete value chains are represented with everything from equipment manufacturers to end-user distribution – including marine transportation. This year’s focus is on the industrialization of the energy transition and new technologies enabling the change ahead. 
The conference will open with a panel discussion between leading companies within energy production and energy intensive industries. The focus of the debate will be the vast opportunities created by the energy transition as well as challenges and changes needed to the existing businesses. Further, the capital allocation priorities will also be key focus as companies are facing a market environment with high profitability from existing businesses at the same time as large investments are required to act on long-term sustainable opportunities. 
In 2020, the conference welcomed more than 2,500 investors and industry professionals, and we expect even higher participation this year.
See the full agenda and register for the virtual seminar here.
Please note: you must be a registered client to attend.