June 8 2021

North Atlantic Seafood Forum

Pareto Securities are proud owner and co-organizer of the North Atlantic Seafood Forum. From 8 to 10 June, the seafood conference will be held digitally with over 160 presenting companies and decision-makers. The seafood sector is a large and important sector for Pareto. From being a niche sector just a few years ago, the seafood sector has grown to become one of the most important on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The sector is currently worth over 300 billion in market value.

North Atlantic Seafood Forum is the world's largest trade fair for companies and players in seafood. Of the 20 largest companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange, four of them are seafood companies, and 11 new seafood companies have risen on the stock exchange over the past year.

In total, more than 160 companies, analysts and decision-makers will present their perspectives on current topics. The conference covers the seafood industry broadly, with a focus on salmon, whitefish and pelagic fish. In addition, technology, innovation, sustainability, policy and financial opportunities in the seafood industry are covered.

Traditionally, the conference has been held in Bergen, but this year is arranged digitally with the strongest list of presenting industry players ever. On day one of the conference, the focus is on technology and innovation in the seafood sector. Day two will be a day with presentations from leading decision-makers, such as Prime Minister Erna Solberg, CEO mr. Lee of Dongwon Industries and CEO Rob Koremans of Nutreco. Day three offers a number of industry seminars, including Pareto Securities' Seafood Investor Seminar, says marine analyst Carl-Emil Johannessen.

Most listed seafood companies in South America and Norway will present at our Seafood Investor Seminar. The seminar has a total of 31 presenting companies with a focus on land-based farming.

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