September 19 2022

No Energy Transition Without Batteries: A Sit Down with FREYR and our Battery Analyst

With scarcity of both energy and battery materials, what are the opportunities and obstacles going forward for this essential part of the renewable energy value chain? Listen to our podcast from our 29th annual Energy Conference with FREYR CEO Tom Einar Jensen and our battery analyst Kenneth Sivertsen.

Battery podcast

Batteries were a central part of our 29th annual Energy Conference 14-15 September 2022. In a special battery episode of our podcast, host Sebastian Baartvedt, CEO of FREYR Tom Einar Jensen, and our battery analyst Kenneth Sivertsen discuss how batteries fit into the energy transition, how a Norwegian startup ended up on the biggest battery scene, and how to handle the scarcity issues that affect the industry.

Podcasts from our conference

In addition to the energy transition, energy security was a key topic of our conference. Listen to our energy specialists Tom Erik Kristiansen, Bård Rosef, and Lars Ove Skorpen to discuss the ongoing energy situation in Europe.

During the conference our energy analyst Nadia Martin Wiggen also sat down with Trafigura's Chief Economist Saad Rahim. Hear their takes on how the oil, gas, and metals industries must develop to facilitate the next “commodities transition”:

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