Our firm

Full-time position

As a graduate in Pareto Securities, you will join one of our sector/product dedicated teams, working closely with experienced colleagues and client senior management solving a variety of tasks. We believe in providing young professionals with responsibilities from the onset, allowing you to progress and develop through your career.

You will be an integrated part of our team, joining ongoing processes and discussions from the very start. Pareto Securities is a non-hierarchal organisation and there is room for everyone to speak their mind and present ideas in a dynamic and encouraging environment. 


Within the Research department, you will join one of our sector teams and become an “industry expert”. Together with the team, you will produce in-depth analyses of industries and markets, as well as companies. You will become a natural story-teller, presenting cases for our sales representatives, as well as Nordic and international investors. You will be in close contact with senior management in relevant companies, building a bridge between companies and investors.

Investment banking

In Investment Banking, you will become a part of one of the industry or product focused teams. With close to one deal per day, you will get first-hand experience of a number of different processes including M&A, IPOs, bond and equity issues and other capital market transactions. Your job will cover analyses of trends, industries and companies and valuations, as well as processing information, formulating advice for our clients and present the best option. We pride ourselves in working hard for our clients and find a solution, even when it looks impossible. 

We are looking for candidates with excellent academic results, with a strong analytical mind and an interest in finance. We also value communication skills, creativity and solid team-players, willing to push the extra mile for the team.


Working on our sales desk gives you the opportunity to join an international team with more than 120 professionals. You will be dedicated to a dynamic sales team within equity or fixed income, working together with research on supporting and adding value to our client’s decision making. Furthermore, you will work on establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with new and existing institutional investors, asset managers, hedge funds and Private Equity companies.