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Pareto Securities’ 11th Annual Nordic Corporate Bond Conference

With the largest corporate bond conference in Scandinavia, we in Pareto Securties wish to raise the awareness of Nordic corporate bonds, both as a source of funding as well as an investment class. The agenda for the day will comprise of presentations both by existing Nordic bond issuers as well as by other market participants. 

Growth in Nordic Bonds

The Nordic bond market has grown from EUR 1bn to EUR 50bn in 20 years, and 2021 set yet another record in terms of volume, number of Nordic and Non-Nordic issuers. The local interest in local companies has shifted and the Nordic bond market has developed from a Nordic to an international market, attracting substantial interest from foreign companies and investors.

During our Nordic Corporate Bonds conference, over 60 issuers with outstanding bonds will present their activities. Our credit analysts will shine a light on the development in the market and why Nordic bonds continues to be an interesting source of funding as well as an investment class. In 2021, this conference attracted over 800 people, making this one of the largest bond conferences in Europe.

Higher Diversification

Developing from a Nordic to an international market with higher degree of sector diversification 

We in Pareto Securities have seen over the last decade how the Nordic bond market has moved from local interest and participation to a market attracting European investors and companies. 

Today, issuers in the Nordic bond market come from widely spread sectors with large participation from private equity and investment companies, but also privately owned and listed companies. We also see a sector shift from primarily offshore and shipping to real estate, technology, finance, and renewables.

Green and sustainable-linked bonds is increasing sharply, driven by a clearer ESG focus among investors. 

Pareto Securities - a leading bond advisor for over 15 years

Bond financing is nothing new for us in Pareto Securities. We have been instrumental in building the Nordic market, inspired by how the bond market works in the USA and England, but adapted to the smaller sizes of the Nordic companies. As a market leader since the very start, we have had a market share of 26% over the past three years. In 2021, Pareto issued 82 corporate bonds with a total volume of more than SEK 63 billion. We have 117 issuers under coverage by credit research.

Our success builds on a strong placing power with bond brokers in place in the Nordic capitals, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, New York and Singapore combined with long experience when it comes to structuring terms and processes in a way that makes the product attractive to both companies and investors.