Project Sales

The Project Sales team secures equity in new issues and provides liquidity for projects arranged by Pareto Securities.

The Project Sales team has in depth knowledge about all of Pareto’s projects. The team has an up-to-the-minute knowledge of the market prices in our core business areas: real estate, shipping and offshore.

2nd hand trading is an important business area for Pareto Securities. The sales team has a dedicated focus on creating liquidity in our portfolio of projects, real estate, shipping and offshore funds managed by our subsidiary Pareto Project Investments Management AS, as well as a wide range of unlisted real estate funds. On a weekly basis we distribute the “Transactions & Order Book” to our investors. It provides an overview of the current outstanding orders, as well as a list of transactions completed the week before. In addition to a weekly update, our investors are informed about new opportunities in our secondary market as soon as they arise. The sales team acknowledge the value of liquidity, and we take great pride in resolving buy and sell orders as promptly as possible.

For questions regarding any of Project Finance's existing projects, please contact our brokers at:
(+47) 22 01 58 99 or