Pareto Business Management

Pareto Business Management AS offers a complete range of asset management services to more than 180 single-purpose companies within Real Estate, Shipping & Offshore. The current portfolio has a total project value in excess of NOK 46 billion.

Pareto Business Management AS (PBM) was established in 1986 as a project management unit and subsidiary of Pareto Securities. As per 1 January 2015 the company employed approximately 30 specialists within the fields of commercial and technical management, tax, company law and accounting.

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Functioning as full range project managers, PBM employees are actively involved in and support the entire lifespan of the various single-purpose companies (SPCs) that are set up by the Project Finance division. PBM is involved from the initial purchase phase up to the completion of the project when the assets are sold and the relevant SPC is liquidated. During its lifetime each project is continuously handled by an Accountant, a Business Manager and a Technical Manager. The management team handles all aspects of daily operations, such as monitoring lease and loan agreements, maintenance supervision, accounting, tax reporting and the provision of advisory services.

The Business Manager functions as the project company’s general manager and first point of contact. Drawing on the expertise of the rest of the team, the Business Manager is responsible for providing investors with all necessary information, including financial reports and regular project updates. The Business Manager also works closely with the SPC’s Board of Directors, keeping the Board members informed about important developments and also serving as the company’s chief executive officer.

In cooperation with the Project Sales team, PBM publishes comprehensive market and company information in the semi-annual Market Report, which includes estimated cash flows and valuations of each SPC. The Market Report provides valuable information for investors interested in selling or purchasing shares in the second-hand market.

Efficient reporting tools have been implemented in order to ensure high-quality portfolio management services for investors, including regularly updated calculations of returns and easy access to previously distributed information. These reports are available via our investor web.