Electronic trading and security

Pareto Securities is concerned that our products and our web pages both feel and actually are safe and secure for you as a customer to use. On this page you'll find information on some of the measures we have taken and some of the measures you can take to increase security on your own. If you have any further questions regarding security please contact us by e-mail at online@paretosec.com.

Log in and personal information

We recommend that you always log in by typing www.paretosec.com in the address field on your browser, and navigate from there. You should be sceptical of e-mails with links to our web pages. These are easily falsified, and could lead you to pages designed to steal your username and password.

Your username and password will be sent to you when you have registered as a customer with Pareto Securities. You must change your password when logging in for the first time, and we recommend that you change your password regularly. You can change your password under "Preferences", when logged in.

Learn your password and never give this information away to anyone else. Pareto Securities will never request your password or other sensitive information such as your username or your social security number via e-mail.

Please contact us if you fear someone has gained unauthorized access to your sensitive information, or if you doubt whether inquiries appearing to be coming from us are authentic. Check your accounts regularly, and contact us immediately if you see any movements you do not recognize or any other suspicious activity.

When you are done visiting our pages you should always finish by logging out.

Web pages and internet security

When you are logging in to our pages all communication will be transmitted using an encrypted connection, making your contact secure.

When on an encrypted connection a lock will appear as an indicator in your browser. By clicking on the lock you will see that the certificate used to encrypt the transmission is valid. The certificate should be issued to Pareto by VeriSign.

To get access to our customer web you will need to log in, and your browser must accept cookies. These are small files with encrypted information that are stored on your computer. The cookies are used to save information about your session, and do not contain any personal information.

According to the Swedish law regarding electronic communication, which took effect on 25 July 2003, everyone visiting a web site must be informed of the purpose of the cookies and also have the ability to refuse them. A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer. If you don’t want to use cookies, you can choose in your web browser not to accept them and/or not log in to this web site.

Make sure that you upgrade your browser, operating system, firewall and other software regularly to keep you protected from viruses and spyware. Remember to turn on encryption if you're on a wireless network, and be careful using unknown and public computers, such as in internet cafes.

Your account, Norway

Pareto Securities is a part of the Pareto group, and is a Norwegian investment firm with authorization from The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. The company is a member of The Norwegian investor compensations scheme and The Norwegian Securities Dealers Association.

As a Pareto Securities customer you can get your own deposit account with Pareto Bank. Your deposits will be separated from Pareto's own funds, and can only be used as agreed.

Pareto Bank is a member of The Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund. Every customer's funds is guaranteed up to a total amount of 2.000.000 NOK.

Our order management system, connected to all relevant primary markets, MTF’s and other liquidity pools, ensures the fulfillment of our best execution obligation to you as our customer. For more details, please see our best execution policy.